Publisher: Capcom
Hardware: Naomi Cart
Year: 1999
Controls: 1 Joystick, 3 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 players
Cartridge Image:

Ported To: Dreamcast


Dedicated Cabinet :


The aim of the game is the same as every other fighting game, but the methods you use are quite different. For example, there aren't really any special attacks. Your standard character won't be shooting fireballs or doing dragon punches. Instead, you must use the arena as a weapon. Each playfield is littered with crates, benches, signs, and other items that you can pick up and toss at your enemy. There are also various items that pop up, including hammers, swords, pistols, flame-throwers, Gatling guns, and rocket launchers. But the main items in the game are the three power stones.

At the beginning of a round, each fighter starts out with one power stone. The third stone eventually spawns at a random location in the arena. Getting all three stones shifts your fighter into overdrive, complete with a costume change. While powered up, each button press unleashes a super attack, usually resulting in a projectile. Each one of these attacks takes up a bit of your super meter. There are also super moves that do a significant amount of damage and usually look pretty flashy, as well. These supers use up the rest of your bar, turn you back into your regular self, and scatter all three of the gems around the arena. Given the explosive nature of the supers, it's in your best interest to get the gems and, obviously, keep your opponent from getting them. If your enemy possesses a stone, you can hit him a few times (or less, with stronger attacks or items) and cause him to drop the stone. So, most fights revolve solely around the stones and the jump kick (which automatically points you at your enemy and causes him to drop a stone if the kick connects) to keep your opponent from holding any stones for too long. A cheap tactic, yes, but also an effective one.

(Description written by: Jeff Gerstmann of Gamespot)

Screen Shots:

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