Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi Cart / GD
Year: 1999
Number of Players: 2 players
Cartridge Image:


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Dedicated Cabinet :


Sega brings us a sequel to the hard-hitting Spike Out placed in a time of swords, sorcery, and heroes. Battle your way through four stages: Leone, Destra Sistra Donna, Forza, and Gorgon while collecting gems and special items which can be used to power up your character permanently, not just until you die, in a style reminiscent of RPGs or arcade game such as Cadash and UN Squadron.
In Slashout, you do not plow through linear levels; rather, you are able to free-roam through a field as you search for gates which lead to the next level. This style of play was first used in Spike Out, and makes a return in this semi-sequel. You will choose from four heroes, Slash, the swordsman of fire, Luna, the knife-fighter of light, Axel, axe-wielding warrior of Earth, and Kamui the ninja of Wind. You can charge a magic meter to unleash magical attacks or go more straightforward with the wide array of moves provided: throws, side-steps, special moves, and of course, the slash.

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