World Kicks


Publisher: Namco
Hardware: Naomi Cart
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World Kicks is a 4 player (linkable to 8 player) soccer game that truly brings the fun of soccer to the arcade. For the first time, players of all ages can feel like a soccer star, without ever having played the game. Using stunning graphics and a completely intuitive control system, World Kicks is suitable for players of all ages. Each player has his own ball, which reacts to the strength of the player's kick. A soft touch results in a soft pass.
The action is fast paced and non-stop. In order to simplify the game play, World Kicks is fashioned after the international game of Futsal or 5v5 soccer. With one cabinet, players can play with any combination of the four positions. Players can play cooperatively against the computer or any combination of head to head. With 2 cabinets linked together, players can control all 8 of the active field players for incredible 4v4 action. Players choose the country they wish to represent, and square off for the World championship.

Available in two cabinet types - Standard and Deluxe.

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