World Series '99


Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi Cart
Year: 1999
Number of Players: 2 players
Cartridge Image:
Ported To:  

Dedicated Cabinet :


World Series 99’s, list of outstanding features includes VMS, or Virtual Management System. "VMS enables players the ability to ‘manage’ his or her team", stated Sega Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Barbara Joyiens. "Players can design their lineup, put in a pinch hitter or replace a pitcher with a fresh arm out of the bull pen adding greatly to the reality of the game playing experience."

Each player has a joystick, a spring action lever and two buttons to control the action. Using these controls, players hit, pitch, bunt, steal and field the ball. While they’re easy to use and understand, they deliver great feel and amazing accuracy.

Game play takes place in one of three classic stadiums, two outdoors and one inside a covered dome. These stadium renderings are so accurate, you’ll swear you can smell hot dogs and peanuts. During game play, when a batter gets on base, the screen splits horizontally showing the pitcher and batter in the top _ and the base-runner(s) in the bottom _. This lets both players see what’s happening on the base paths making steals and pick-off plays exciting features of the game play.

(Description written by: SEGA Enterprises Inc.)

Screen Shots:

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