Club Kart - European Session


Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi 2 Cart
Year: 2001
Controls: Driving Controls
Number of Players: 1 Player
Cartridge Image:
Ported To: N/A


Dedicated Cabinet:


Update of Club Kart

Club Kart-European Session features twelve exotic locations from Southern France, Spain and Italy. As you zoom around the many tracks make sure scenery like ancient roman ruins, expansive Mediterranean beaches, and treacherous mountain switchbacks doesn't distract you from being the first to the checkered flag. A first place assures your advancement to the next course where your nerves and skills are put to ever increasing tests. If you manage to successfully complete a series of races over fifty authentic corporations will want to sponsor you and your kart. The corporation supply their company logo to affix to your kart and the corportations include some of the worlds most successful and recognizable companies which adds to the game's realism.

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