Initial D : Arcade Stage


Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi 2 GD
Year: 2002
Controls: Driving Controls
Number of Players: 1 Player
Serial / Ic : GDS-0025 / 253-5508-0343
Gd-Rom Image:
Ported To: N/A


Dedicated Cabinet:


Initial D, a popular anime and manga racing series in Japan, has began its US invasion, and this game is an excellent adaptation of the series.

The gameplay is simply incredible. As a unnamed driver hoping to make his name known, you take on the majority of the racers from the Initial D storyline along the Japanese mountainsides. The four courses, Myogi, Usui, Akina, and Happogahara, have all been featured in the series and landmarks from each track are visible, most noteworthy being the Akina 5 hairpins. With a wide variety of cars and opponents to choose from, the game card feature makes the game much better. By buying a game card, you can save your progress, cars, and ''money'' you earn by racing throughout the game. You can use this money to fix up your car further, and take it to race against the computer or your friends. Drifting, which is the most used technique in the series, is quite easily done in the game. In fact, the physics engine is set to drift, so hairpin drifts are easy to learn, and add to the appeal of the game. However, this does come with a price. For those of you used to other racing games, the drift style will take a while to learn. Until that point, expect to be crashing on the lightest of turns.

Initial D is known for it's well done computer graphic race scenes, and this game does it justice. Everything, from the tracks and backgrounds to each and every car has been done in great detail. Even little details such as the galleries that come to watch the race and the leaves in the gutters of the road (you are racing on public roads) have been done well.

The original Eurobeat music from the cartoon has been retained, but with a short selection of songs, it gets a little annoying the fourth or fifth race around. However, it is better than changing the music, as the Eurobeat fits well. Engine sounds and the tires squealing as you corner are also well done.

Now here's where this game shines. Although races are fairly long and entertaining, you still have 16 racers to beat, plus an additional racer or two once you finish that set. Combine this with your ability to save your progress and car data, plus attempting to get the best time for certain tracks, plus racing against others in the arcade, and you've got a reason to make an arcade trip a weekly or even daily event.

Overall this is an excellent game, either for those who are fans of Initial D or others who have just finished The Fast and the Furious and want something more than a straightaway race.

(Description written by: ChaiThai )

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