Initial D : Arcade Stage 2


Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi 2 GD
Year: 2002
Controls: Driving Controls
Number of Players: 1 Player
Gd-Rom Image:
Ported To: N/A


Dedicated Cabinet:


Initial D 2 is a “one on one” race game taken place on a mountain course. Based around the characters from a famous comic strip. The object of the game is for the player to beat his/her rival and become the legendary fastest driver.

Initial D 2 also has the card system to support continued play. The original Initial D and Initial D 2 are fully Integrated allowing players that developed their cars and cards on the original version to use them on the sequel.

Extra features on Initial D 2 include:

2 new courses – Akagi and Ironhazaka, making a total of 6
New course conditions – players will have to battle with treacherous wet road conditions.
Challenge your opponent at any time: Before starting the game you can choose if you want to accept a challenge at any time. If you take the challenge and win, the winner can play the next game for free.

Additional game modes:

Legend Of Speed
6 courses: Beginners, Intermediate, Expert (x2) and Super Expert (x2). A total of 7 new characters are added from the original game.

Time Attack Mode

Battle Mode - You can challenge your opponent just like VF4 or VS2002

Challenge BUNTA - BUNTA is the legendary father of our hero driver. He is the wise old driver that everyone looks up to.

(Description written by: Highwaygames)

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