Virtua Fighter 4 (A, B & C)


Publisher: Sega
Hardware: Naomi 2 GD-Rom version A, B & C
Year: 2001
Controls: 1 Joystick, 3 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 Players
Serial / Ic : GDS-0012 / 253-5508-0314
Gd-Rom Image:


Ported To: PS2



Virtua Fighter 4 has 13 characters you can choose from, two of which are new to the series. Only Virtua Fighter 3's conspicuous sumo wrestler Taka-Arashi didn't make the cut--all the other fighters from the series are back with new moves and new looks, including such favorites as the Japanese martial arts expert Akira, the massive Canadian pro wrestler Wolf, and the blonde-haired high-kicking siblings Jacky and Sarah Bryant. As in all previous Virtua Fighter games, the last bout in Virtua Fighter 4's arcade mode is against Dural, basically a very mean female mannequin made of metal (there's a way to unlock her as a playable character for use in the versus mode). The first of the game's new fighters is Lei Fei, a shaolin monk whose dizzying kung fu skills are as effective as they are spectacular. The second is Vanessa Lewis, who looks like X-Men's Storm and specializes in both defensive counterthrows and in kickboxing. Lei Fei looks better in action than Vanessa, though both of the new characters have dozens of interesting moves. Actually, the same can be said for all the characters, not just the new ones. Each returning fighter boasts a number of new abilities, many of which become important additions to their repertoires. Many of the new moves aren't just punches or kicks--they're complex techniques like deflections, reversals, and alternate fighting stances.

The computer opponent noticeably catches on to some of your tricks. At higher levels, you'll see it pulling off the toughest moves at the best opportunities. Yet even at higher levels, the computer still fights fair--it doesn't flaunt superhuman reaction times, and it doesn't block or reverse absolutely everything you throw at it. You need skill rather than patterns or dirty tricks to beat it. All this is not to suggest that the AI in Virtua Fighter 4 is as good as a skilled human opponent--after you've played against the AI several hundred times, you'll probably pick up on how a few types of techniques do seem to work better than others. But the fact that the AI always puts up a serious fight is a distinguishing feature that's unique to Virtua Fighter 4 among all fighting games.

(Description written by: Greg Kasavin)