Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble


Publisher: Tatio
Hardware: Naomi GD Rom
Year: 2002
Controls: 1 Joystick, 3 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 players
GD Rom Image:
Ported To: N/A


Dedicated Cabinet:


Bassed on an anime.

Rather unfortunately the single player game is nothing new. It’s the same old puzzles practically, at least in the first couple of stages, as you’ve been playing in the series for years. Check the video to see rock hard evidence of this. The big difference is that throughout the game (two player mode as well) the character’s face is constantly popping up with a word bubble to freaking OBSCURE YOUR VIEW. It’s not that bad, and in some ways it’s kind of cool. But…man. They should have made it a little less opaque.

The two-player mode more than makes up for the mediocrity by adding a new level of competitive potential never before seen in the series. You’ve got your usual two wells in which each player does their thing, and of course popping flotsam-linked bubbles causes jetsam to appear on your pal’s side. The new gimmick this time round is the window in between the wells, through which you can shoot bubbles at your hated compatriot’s field. It’s goddamned simplistically brilliant, the applications this has. You can ditch bubble colors that you don’t want, for one thing. You can also interrupt chains that the other player is developing, and uh…occasionally pop a bunch of bubbles on their side and cause yourself terrible damage (not to say that I…did that when competing with moriarty). One thing that I sadly did not catch on video is the blocking. To actively do this, it seems like it would require that an incredible amount of attention be paid to the other guy’s field, but you can actually block a bubble as it’s shot. If your bubbles meet on one field, they both pop, thereby allowing you to block their chains, and thwart their efforts. I only did it by accident. But it was like sweet sweet candy to hear the screams of horror to my right when it happened.


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