Capcom Vs Snk : Millennium Fight 2000 Pro


Publisher: Capcom
Hardware: Naomi GD Rom
Year: 2000
Number of Players: 2 Players
Serial / Ic : GDL-0004 / 253-5509-5076J
GD Rom Image:
Ported To: Dreamcast


Dedicated Cabinet :


Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro is a Dreamcast 2D fighting game that features a number of characters from popular games produced by both Capcom and SNK. And like in the original game, many of the characters in Millennium Fight Pro seem stripped-down and simplified because they lack the signature special maneuvers they possess in other games. And as you play Millennium Fight Pro, you'll notice more and more similarities between it and the original game...until you realize that Millennium Fight Pro essentially is the original game. That's actually a good thing if you haven't played the original Capcom vs. SNK; since you'll find that Millennium Fight Pro has a huge roster of colorful characters and quite a few different gameplay options to customize both the single-player game and two-player matches. Unfortunately, if you have played the original game, you'll find hardly anything new or worthwhile in the new game over the first.

There are very, very few differences between Millennium Fight Pro and the original Capcom vs. SNK. The most obvious is the addition of two new playable characters: SNK's loudmouthed kickboxer, Joe Higashi, and Capcom's even more loudmouthed "parody" character, Dan Hibiki. Dan is represented in the new game quite well. He has every single one of his special attacks, including his super taunt, though as with every other game he's been in, Dan's character sprite is nothing more than another character with a new head. On the other hand, Joe turned out horribly. He's barely got three of his most basic special attacks and a single super move, which makes him incredibly boring to play, despite the fact that he's evolved greatly in SNK's King of Fighters series into a rather interesting character. Joe has the same muscular, defined look he has in SNK's more recent King of Fighters games--the exact same look, since Capcom did the same lazy thing with Joe as it did with other the SNK characters: simply taking existing frames of animation out of SNK's games and tracing over them. In short, if you're a tremendous fan of Dan Hibiki, you might almost be able to justify the cost of buying this game instead of the previous game. But if you're a fan of Joe, just keep playing as him in whatever recent Fatal Fury or King of Fighters game you enjoy most, as Joe is far less interesting in Millennium Fight Pro than he is in nearly any other game.

(Description written by: Andrew Seyoon Park)

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