Guilty Gear XX : The Midnight Carnival


Publisher: Sammy
Hardware: Naomi GD Rom
Year: 2001
Controls: 1 Joystick, 5 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 players
Serial / Ic : GDL-0011 / 253-5509-5082
GD Rom Image:
Ported To: N/A


Dedicated Cabinet :


The first thing you’ll notice about the game is the gorgeous high-res graphics that redefine what a 2D game should look like. There’s no question about it: Guilty Gear X2 is by far the best-looking 2D game ever created and raises the standard for all other 2D games in development. What’s even more impressive about GGX2’s graphics is the amount of detail given to all twenty characters in the game. You can see all sorts of hidden easter eggs in many special moves, such as the image of a face when Millia executes her Bad Moon attack. The quality of animation hasn’t dramatically changed, but it seems that the four new characters in the game have a little more animation than the rest of the cast, giving them more fluidity in their moves. This is especially true for Slayer and I-No, who move so gracefully with every attack that the rest of the cast looks like broken puppets. While there are only a couple of new backgrounds, the old ones have gotten a facelift with new animations and colors (such as the Colony level with the transparent ghosts floating in the background), giving all of the older backgrounds a fresh new look for seasoned vets of the series. What impressed me most about GGX2’s visuals is how fast they actually load once you have selected your charactes.

Another new feature in GGX2 is stagger moves. The concept behind those is much like in Virtua Fighter 4: certain attacks will stun an opponent for a period of time, and an icon with a joystick going back and forth will appear over his head. During this time, repeatedly move the joystick around while pressing on every button to recover from the stagger before your opponent can take advantage of it. The last new addition is False Roman Cancels, which are a variation of the original Roman Cancels found in GGX. Roman Cancels are techniques that allow you to eliminate the recovery time for your special attacks but require precise timing in order to pull them off. Intensive practice in learning when to use Roman Cancels is an absolute necessity if you want to get anywhere in GGX2. The rest of the system is the same as in the original. Faultless Defense allows you to block attacks without losing life at the cost of your super meter (known as Tension) or your life meter. Instant Kills are flashy (but extremely risky) moves that can be activated by entering IK mode and then performing the necessary motion. This comes at an expensive cost, for if you happen to miss your Instant Kill, you are left with no Tension at all and become extremely vulnerable to any setup for the rest of the round. All of these new features complement GGX’s core competencies, in that it’s a game soley for those who like to attack. If you want to turtle or run away like a little girl, I suggest playing something else. Every special attack is used to change the momentum of the fight to your favor so you can have your opportunity to rush your opponent down. While this bias towards a offensive mindset will probably be hated by some players, it makes for an exciting, fast-paced game.

Four new characters enter the fray in GGX2: Slayer, Bridget, Zappa, and I-No. Slayer is an inhuman warrior with the ability to attack with extreme precision and speed, while Bridget is the exact opposite, opting to use his (yes, his) vast array of toys to lock you down and slowly chip away at your life. I-No serves as the game’s end boss and is also a lethal threat both in the air and in the ground, possessing an extemely confusing dash that allows her to fly up and over you to cross you up and serve the pain. Finally, Zappa may be one of the most complex characters ever in a 2D fighter. Possessed by an unearthly spirit, Zappa has the ability to summon several characters to his aid and use them to attack opponents. The catch here is that the spirits he’s able to summon are completely random, so you need to learn how to fight with all of them in order to keep up. There are three other characters in the game that act as the traditional hidden characters, but those who have followed the series since the beginning will realize that they aren’t exactly new characters, but rather remixes of older characters from previous games.


(Description written by: Reno)

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