Psyvariar 2 - The Will To Fabricate


Publisher: Success
Hardware: Naomi GD Rom
Year: 2003
Controls: 1 Joystick, 2 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 1 Player
Serial / Ic : GDL-00024 / 253-5509-5100J
GD Rom Image:
Ported To: Dreamcast/PS2


Dedicated Cabinet:


This sequel to the shooter Psyvariar

Psyvariar 2: The Will to fabricate is a 2D shooting game from Success the famous Naomi based arcade shooter. This time you control the battle MDS (Medium Drive Suits) to battle the enemies, the popular Buzz system will return to this game, you will gain experience and new power as your level increases, and your level of power will retain even if your machine is destroyed.



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