Shikigami No Shiro 2


Publisher: Alfa Systems
Hardware: Naomi GD Rom
Year: 2003
Controls: 1 Joystick, 3 Buttons Per Player
Number of Players: 2 players
Serial / Ic : GDL-0021 / 253-5509-5095J
GD Rom Image:
Ported To: Gamecube/PS2/Xbox/DC


Dedicated Cabinet:


The gameplay of Shikigami No Shiro 2 is pretty straightforward. Each character has three separate attacks: a standard rapid-fire attack, some manner of charged attack, and a typical screen-clearing bomb. While the characters deviate from the norm only in their style of rapid-fire attack--either covering a wider area of the screen or having homing capabilities--each character really shows its uniqueness in its charged attack. These can range from casting a man-eating demon out to devour the enemies onscreen, to swinging a double-bladed sword, to calling a satellite laser strike wherever an onscreen targeting reticle is placed. These charged attacks do considerably more damage than your standard attack, but they leave you more vulnerable--you move slower when executing them, and most of them require you to be very close to your foes. However, the risk pays off when the enemies you defeat with your charged attack release up to 10 times the number of coins than if they had simply been shot down. These coins are part of the weapon power-up system in the game, so if you collect enough, you will be raised to the next attack level, which strengthens not only your charged attack but your rapid-fire shots as well. What really gives Mobile Light Force 2 its unique twist is its tension bonus system. When you are in close proximity to an enemy or bullet, your score for defeating enemies is multiplied up to eightfold, and you will do twice as much damage as well.

The bomb attacks are fairly straightforward, but each character has a slightly different strategy when using these attacks. In the later levels, you will find perhaps that the greatest use for these attacks is their ability to clear the screen of enemy bullets. The screen can get really crowded, and sometimes you need that moment of relief to make it through to the next segment. There are five stages total in the game, broken up into three substages, though some of these are only long enough to contain a single boss fight. Longstanding fans of this genre might not find Mobile Light Force 2 to be a terribly challenging game and may finish the game within a few sittings. However, the gameplay is unique enough to grant some decent replayability, especially with the slightly differing strategies from character to character.

(Description written by: Tyler Winegarner)

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